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Arjowiggins Transparent Paper Achieves Food Contact Approval!

Arjowiggins Transparent Paper Achieves Food Contact Approval!

Transparent paper has evolved.

Our Natural Transparent Papers are much more than just a medium for imitation. They are applied to a broad range of industries, applications and arts thanks to the papers' unique combination of performance properties.

Today, we can announce that our Natural Transparent Paper products are certified through ISEGA for direct food contact with dry, moist and fatty foods. This offers the food packaging industry a paper with clarity, strong environmental credentials and barrier properties. The product is already chosen by well-known brands for confectionary packaging and for other food packaging applications, but the approval to BfR 36 opens up the opportunity to extend the applications, such as inner liner for recycled packaging and as a substitute for non-recyclable plastic film products.

To discuss Natural Transparent Paper packaging applications or to request a data sheet, please contact us through our Enquiries page or email



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