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In this section we have gathered all documents you can download from our website. These include certificates, feature & benefits sheets as well as printing & finishing hints.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale (March 2013)



These documents can be viewed or saved as PDF files. For more information on the environmental certificates please have a look at our Environment page.


OHSAS 18001

Arjowiggins Chartham holds the OHSAS 18001 certificate no. GB13/89919, standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management systems. 

Arjowiggins Quzhou's is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified and holds the certificate no.CN10/10091.

PDF OHSAS 18001 Chartham

PDF OHSAS 18001 Quzhou


ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 is a series of standards for quality management systems.

Arjowiggins Chartham is ISO 9001:2015 certified and holds the certificate no. FM 09849.

Arjowiggins Quzhou's ISO 9001 certificate no. is CN09/10267.

PDF ISO 9001 Chartham

PDF ISO 9001 Quzhou

ISO 14001

Arjowiggins Chartham holds the ISO 14001:2015 certificate no. GB04/62871, standard for Environmental Management Systems.
The respective certificate no. for Quzhou is CN10/10090.

PDF ISO 14001 Chartham

PDF ISO 14001 Quzhou


FSC Chain of Custody

The FSC chain of custody allows you to track FSC-certified material.

Arjowiggins Chartham holds the FSC CoC certificate no. SGSCH-COC-003508.
The FSC CoC cert. number for Quzhou Mill is SGS-COC-008193.

PDF FSC CoC Chartham 

PDF FSC CoC Quzhou

PEFC Chain of Custody 

The PEFC chain of custody certification is a mechanism for tracking certified material from the forest to the final product to ensure that the weood, wood fibre or non-wood forest produce contained in the product or product line can be tracked back to certified forests.
PDF PEFC CoC Chartham


For more data sheets please contact us via our contact page.


Features & benefits sheets

Translucent Generic

Translucent Gateway




Print hints

Printing & finishing hints for our translucent paper.

PDF Printing & Finishing Hints



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